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GAMH Young Carers Project

Address: 11 Dava St, Moorpark Court
Address2: Pavilion 3A
City: Govan, Glasgow
Postcode: G51 2JA
Country: Scotland
Phone: 0141 425 4850
Age Groups:
  • 12-16
  • 17-20
Description: A citywide service providing respite in a safe and supportive environment, for young people aged 12-18 yrs old living at home with a parent who has a mental health problem. Part of Glasgow Association for Mental Health, it focuses on early intervention. Group work is based around GIRFEC building resilience and confidence through a range of programmes and including physical, social, learning and creative activities, groupwork and time limited 1-1 support. We have a transitions group for 16-18 year olds to support young carers to prepare for positive destinations. We work with families to promote mental health and wellbeing and includes groupwork on a number of topics.